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Hellenic Classical Charter School - Staten  Island

                                                       Est. 2019

                                                       ABOUT HCCS

            The Hellenic   Charter School     a diverse student body   a rigorous   i  a

            dynamic environme    a sta  curriculum, enriche    t  Greek a    languages,

               a  the  classics wove  throughout,  students   engage   dia  using the Socratic

           become critical thinke  Students   become college   career ready   well-prepare    succee  and

                                  contribute to t    community   responsible  citizens.
                                                       OUR MOTTO
                   W e   take knowledge, wisdom, and truth with u s   to help make the world a better place.


                            HCCS is   a high achieving and high performing school; it is   replicated after

                                      the National Blue Ribbon School,  HCCS Park Slope.

                           Students learn to read, write and speak Greek beginning in  kindergarten.

                    Proud partners with   University's Teachers     & Writing Program.

            Described as" ... a model of   by Politico,  published by The New School Center for NYC Affairs.

            Profiled in New York City's Best Public Pre-k & Elementary Schools Parent Guide  (Hemphill & Rashka).
                                      Hellenic   Charter   -   Island

                                                     Ri  Avenue
                                                     Island,   10314

                                              :   -   718-499-0958
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