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Teachers College Buzz Words

                                  An Overview of Reading Workshop Components

       Component                                                      Description
       Read Aloud                 The purpose of the read aloud is to help students discover meaning through listening and
                                  discussion.  Reading to children stimulates their desire to become a reader.  Through
                                  conversation, dialogue and discussion, the teacher assists the reader in getting meaning
                                  from and bringing meaning to the story or informational text.  The children listen to
                                  complex language patterns and acquire knowledge of text structure, vocabulary and
                                  concepts from books along instructional levels.  It is not meant to be a stop and start of a
                                  text.  The teacher needs to choose carefully where to break text and the purpose for doing
                                  so.  It should be an enjoyable community building learning experience.
       Shared Reading             Shared reading can be done with a whole class or group of students.  Students gather to see
                                  a piece of enlarged text and observe and join in the reading with fluency and expression.
                                  The enlarged text may be a big book, chart or overhead transparency.  The teacher models
                                  reading strategies and skills for students to apply in their own reading.  Everyone works
                                  together to build meaning from the text.
       Guided Reading             The purpose of guided reading is to enable small groups of students to learn and practice
                                  independent reading strategies and skills successfully with increasingly difficult texts.  This is
                                  based on the needs of the group and is assessment driven.  The teacher is to introduce the
                                  text and to observe students reading silently as they process it.  Guided reading will
                                  facilitate reading for meanings at all times.
       Independent Reading        The purpose of independent reading is to provide many opportunities for students to
                                  practice the strategies acquired in guided reading at a level lower than their instructional
                                  level.  It is to also to increase reading stamina and to encourage students to become life-
                                  long readers.  During independent reading time, the teacher confers with students about
                                  their reading.
       Reading Conference         Reading conferences take place between the teacher and student during independent
                                  reading time.  The teacher will have a genuine conversation with a reader about how the
                                  reading is going.  It enables the teacher to understand each student’s reading process.  It is
                                  time when the teacher can provide powerful, customized instruction for the student.
       Reading Assessment         Records from the previous year, informational standardized assessment records such as test
                                  results or informal running records, observations and anecdotal records can all be used to
                                  gather information about a student’s use of reading strategies.  This information helps the
                                  teacher to drive instruction in shared and guided reading as well as in the read aloud.
       Accountable Talk           Class discussions and partner conversations related to the read aloud offer opportunities to
                                  increase comprehension and assess understanding.  Responding to books through talk is
                                  critical in that it helps the learner to develop skills and practice strategies.  The teacher
                                  must demonstrate and guide students so that they develop the ability to express meaning
                                  to others.
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