Page 4 - PS-Open House Flip Book 2020-2021
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               The Hellenic Classical Charter School will provide all students in grades kindergarten
              through eight with a rigorous classical education in a challenging and engaging learning
            environment. The school will use a standards based curriculum and will enhance instruction

           with the study of the Greek and Latin languages. The school will utilize didactic instruction,

           coaching and Socratic questioning. All students will leave the school prepared intellectually,
            socially, and emotionally to gain entry to and succeed in the best high schools in New York

                         City and contribute to the global community as responsible citizens.

                     Today is a new beginning                                     I’m always trying my hardest
                                                                                    Always doing my best
                  And I can make a difference                                     Just read one of my papers
                                                                                  Or take a look at my tests.
                                                                                     People always ask me
                             I pledge:                                         “What is the key to your success?”

                                                                                      And I tell them…

               To be responsible for my learning,                          Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth are the recipe.

                  To always be and do my best,                              Here at Hellenic, we’re members of a family.
                                                                                We spend our days in special ways
             To be respectful to myself and others,                            and get to know each and every face.
                    To be honest and truthful                         And we will use what we have learned have in school to make
                                                                                   the world a better place
                             as part of
         The Hellenic Classical Charter School Family.                           I copied down all my homework;
                                                                                   studied hard for the test.
                                                                                  Give me a pencil and paper,
                   I will keep the school clean,                                 and I’ll take care of the rest.
                                                                                     People always ask me
                  I will model good citizenship.                                “What is your secret to success?”

                                                                           Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth are the recipe.
                      When my day is done,                               Here at Hellenic, there’s something we can guarantee

                  I will take knowledge, wisdom                                We’ll use our time in school to find
                                                                                  A way to achieve our dreams
                        And truth with me,                                   We’re going to be the greatest generation

             To help make the world a better place.                                The world has ever seen!
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