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Hellenic Classical Charter School

                                                              Est. 2005

                                            A National Blue Ribbon School

                                                         ABOUT HCCS
            The Hellenic Classical Charter School – Park Slope (HCCS-PS) will provide a diverse student body with a rigorous education in a
            dynamic environment. Using a standards-based curriculum, enriched with the Greek and Latin languages, students will engage
              in dialogue using the Socratic method to become critical thinkers. Students will become college and career ready and well-
                             prepared to succeed and contribute to the global community as responsible citizens.

                                                         OUR MOTTO
                             We take knowledge, wisdom, and truth with us to help make the world a better place.

                                      HCCS is a high achieving and high performing, Pre-K-8 school.

                       Students learn to read, write and speak Greek beginning in kindergarten; Latin begins in 6th grade.

                  Designated a repeat Reward School and High Performing School by The New York State Education Department.

                            HCCS ranks among the top charter schools in New York City and also exceeds targets in:
                      Rigorous Instruction, Collaborative Teachers, Supportive Environment, Trust, & Effective Leadership.

                              Our eighth graders graduate and continue their education at top NYC high schools,
                                  including specialized, public, screened, private and Catholic high schools.

                           Proud partners with Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading & Writing Program.

                     Described as “… a model of integration” by Politico, published by The New School Center for NYC Affairs.

                       Profiled in New York City’s Best Public Pre-k & Elementary Schools Parent Guide (Hemphill & Rashka).

                                              Hellenic Classical Charter School
                                                       646 5  Avenue
                                                     Brooklyn, NY 11215
                                            Tel. : 718-499-0957 - Fax: 718-499-0957
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