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            The Ramayana – Seeing with the Transfiguring Eyes of Love

            The Ramayana remained one of the most popular stories   dharma, the right behaviour. Rama is revered as the ideal
            amongst the rulers of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.   man in Hindu thought, and the sacrifices he makes in the
            Being  ardent  devotees  of  Vishnu,  the  Rajas  naturally   epic  are  regarded  as  the  duty  of  a  king.  The  message
            commissioned manuscripts of the Ramayana, the legend   of dharma and the triumph of good over evil, must have
            of  Rama,  the  young  prince  of  Ayodhya  and  the  seventh   clearly appealed to the Rajput  rulers and patrons of art,
            incarnation of Vishnu, in his search for his wife Sita, who   who themselves lived by a strict code of conduct and valour.
            is carried off by the wicked demon-king Ravana. After a   The poetry of the Ramayana is full of detailed portrayals
            battle against all odds, the divine couple returns to Ayodhya   of lush flora and fauna, which also becomes the focus of
            and  usher  in  the  golden  age  of  the  Kingdom.  The  epic   the artists who were commissioned to illustrate the text.
            was first composed in Sanskrit by the sage Valmiki, but
            later appeared in several regional versions with localised   The production of the Uniara Ramayana manuscript began
            modifications and added embellishments.            during the reign of Raja Sardar Singh of Uniara (r. 1740–
                                                               1777) (see lot 1). Although originally a minor principality,
            There  are  several  themes  embodied  in  the  epic  of  the   Uniara  became  a  major  painting  atelier  by  the  mid-18th
            Ramayana,  most  important  being  the  Hindu  concept  of   century,  and  was  regarded  as  an  offshoot  of  the  Bundi

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