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    Fun in 2021!
From GLAA President: martha dryden, CAPS, AU Management
  Dear GLAA Members:
Yes, our ongoing theme this year is FUN IN 21!
We are so excited about all the things we have been working on as we begin our new year at the GLAA! All the committee chairs have been appointed and we are happy to introduce them to you. You will have the opportunity to meet each one of them during our Virtual Meet and Greet on February 16th. There will be some great door-prizes, exciting announcements and so much more! So be sure to register! All the details and registra- tion for the Meet and Greet can be found in this issue of “Your Home and Mine” on page 3.
Our “FUN IN 21” leaders and a description of each com- mittee and councils are as follows:
Awards Committee – Chaired by Stephanie Burch, CORT Furniture
The Crowne Excellence Awards is our Annual Awards Gala. This Gala is the GLAA’s largest attended event. At our last event, we had over 300 people in attendance! Between picking out chair covers and food to recruiting sponsors and silent auction donations, there is a lot to do! This committee is also responsible for reviewing judging criteria and setting guidelines for nominations.
Education Committee – Chaired by Eric Horine,
Kentucky Utilities
The Education Committee is responsible for all
the education events throughout the year that the
GLAA has to offer! They plan, market, and implement all educational offerings. From HVAC to all NAA credential programs and the general membership meeting speakers and webinars and seminars, this committee does it all!
Legislative Committee – Chaired by Chad Bischof, Chadwell Supply
Want to add your voice against legislative issues that affect you? Legislative committee may be for you! This Committee closely monitors and reviews legislative and regulatory issues pertinent to the multi-family housing industry on local, state, and federal levels. Communicate with members of GLAA and the community to under- stand legal issues which may impact the members of GLAA.
Membership Committee – Chaired by Robert Jones, Silvestri Real Estate
The Membership Committee is responsible for planning and implementing new and exciting ideas for member- ship recruitment and retention. This Committee also
         Don't forget to register for our Virtual Meet & Greet on Tuesday, February 16th from 11:30am - 12:30pm!

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