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  observes current member services and their effectiveness and potential ways to expand or implement new mem- ber services.
Outreach Committee – Chaired by Lisa Bowman, Rite Rug Flooring
The Outreach Committee, otherwise known as the “warm & fuzzy committee” focuses on giving back to the commu- nity. They are involved in events throughout the year that allow our members to work together to better not only the GLAA, but also our community. In the past, Outreach has been involved with the Hope Center, Lighthouse Ministries, and the Lexington Humane Society, just to name a few. This Committee also hosts an annual GLAA Food, Toys,
and Blanket Drive to adopt several families from Arlington Elementary for Christmas.
Manager's Key Council (MKC) – Chaired by Katee McGrannahan, Springs at Hamburg
This council consists of a group of appointees, all holding multifamily management positions. Manager’s Key Council is governed by their own by-laws that have been approved by the GLAA Board of Directors. The council was formed
to directly represent on-site management. MKC offers
an excellent forum, in the form of annual meetings and roundtable discussions, for property managers to exchange ideas and information. This council is also responsible for organizing one fundraiser for GLAA (Monte Carlo Night) and organizing a Vendor Appreciation Luncheon each year for our amazing vendors!
Associate Council – Chaired by Dannielle
Wornall, Contractors Inc.
This council is made up of GLAA vendor members that apply to serve and are selected by the council. The Asso- ciate Council is governed by their own by-laws that have been approved by the GLAA Board of Directors. They meet monthly to plan at least 3 fundraisers for GLAA per year, (Keeneland Meets, Business Exchange and Trade Show). The Associate Council is the voice of all GLAA vendors
and is responsible for providing networking arenas to the property members.
Please keep in mind that all the committees are open to everyone and we welcome you to join any, and all, that capture your interest. This is your Association, and we need your input and volunteerism to continue to bring you the best opportunities our industry can offer!
Happy 21 Everyone!
Martha Dryden
AU Management
2020 GLAA President
Brenda J. Wells, CAM, CAS
GLAA Executive Driector
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