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by Warren G. Feldman, AIA, ISHC CEO of Nehmer | Principal of HVS Design
The 2021 Hotel Cost Estimating Guide is the thirteenth edition of this comprehensive planning tool. Nehmer and HVS Design developed the Guide to examine construction and FF&E costs for renovations in each hotel tier. The Guide is intended to be just that - a guide to help provide approximate costs for your softgoods or full renovation with flexibility to customize your preliminary budget to fit your scope. As with any generic budgeting tool, the final costs for a specific project should be developed on a case-specific basis. Below are some tips to aid in directing you to get the most out of this helpful tool.
The Guide is divided into six hotel tiers. Each tier has an assumed hotel size and configuration from which the cost data is derived. The assumptions are a way for you to compare against your property to help determine which tier and hotel size it fits.
Once you have selected a hotel tier, you should determine if you want a quick budget number or want to develop a more detailed version of the budget. For quick numbers use the summary pages (Pages 12 and 13). If you want a detailed budget, then use the detailed numbers within the tier you have selected.
The next step is to apply the scope of your renovation to the forecasted numbers, having determined which tier your hotel falls under and determined your scope of work for the renovation. Let’s assume you have a six-story, 200-room hotel that needs a softgoods guestroom renovation, but you are planning to keep the artwork, lighting, and soft seating. Due to the type of hotel, you know that your project falls under the Upper Upscale tier.
Softgoods Renovation
For a quick preliminary budget using the summary page only, you would use the guestroom softgoods renovation price for an Upper Upscale hotel in the cost range of between $9,182 and $12,551. Now, skip ahead to the adjustments section.
For a more detailed budget you would skip ahead to the Guestroom Softgoods Renovation for the Upper Upscale (page 64) category, and highlight each item that you are replacing including demo and FF&E installation. Each item has a cost range (low to high) and an average cost. Utilizing the average cost number will provide you with the general idea of the cost. Add up the select items needed for your renovation and multiply by the number of keys. This number will provide you with an approximate idea of how much it will cost to do a basic softgoods renovation including construction and FF&E.
Guestroom Softgoods Renovation
Assume guestroom area of approximately 15' x 24' and 7' x 8' entry / closet area (472 SF). Ceilings 9' AFF. Painted drywall.
FF&E Installation
Artwork, Mirrors and Accessories (Installed Package) Full-height Framed Dressing Mirror
Bed Skirt or Box Spring Cover
Decorative Pillow
Carpet and Pad
Desk Lamp
Floor Lamp
End Table Lamp
Nightstand or Bracket Lamp (2)
Welcome Light (in Existing Location)
Desk Chair (including Fabric)
Lounge Chair (including Fabric)
Ottoman (including Fabric)
Sleeper Sofa (including Fabric; Assumes King Rooms Only) Paint Textured or Drywall Ceiling
Paint Trim (Base and Crown)
Paint Entry Doors, Closet Doors, Frames, and Grilles
Vinyl Wallcovering (LY 54")
Window Treatments (Sheer, Blackout, Hardware, Installed)
$395.31 to $589.67 $178.25 to $292.42 $911.45 to $1,401.04 $221.89 to $314.89 $176.64 to $210.06 $109.75 to $142.65 $901.31 to $1,078.65 $158.07 to $197.33 $286.44 to $382.98 $284.32 to $362.83 $404.20 to $539.47 $228.68 to $329.53 $341.61 to $451.94 $709.74 to $930.41 $291.75 to $390.41 $536.28 to $693.30 $322.59 to $451.62 $404.81 to $631.07 $160.00 to $270.00
$1,582.65 to $2,017.85 $576.07 to $873.12
$226.81 $1,145.16 $259.08 $193.08 $126.21 $988.78 $177.88 $334.54 $323.57 $472.10 $274.25 $397.13 $820.08 $340.90 $614.79 $398.89 $508.26 $194.96 $1,767.46 $724.59
 Guestroom Softgoods Renovation Cost Per Key $9,181.83 to $12,551.25 $10,773.01

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