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Tips to Save You from Sticky Outdoor Situations
(StatePoint) When it comes to outdoor adventures, tape is at the top of most gear lists for its wide variety of uses -- from torn tents to broken fishing poles to ripped hiking gear. No matter if you’re an avid outdoorsman or an occasional adventurer, here are a few tape tips and ideas that are sure to stick.
1. Perfect Packing. On your adventure, you may need to cut weight -- especially if you’re hiking for miles. To ensure you have all the tape you’ll need while reduc- ing the bulk in your pack, wrap a strong, all-weather tape around your trekking poles just beneath the handles. It’ll be there when you need it and it adds addi- tional grip.
2. Ripped Waders or Rain Gear. From fly fishers with chest waders to hikers with rain gear, outdoor adventurers choose their gear wisely to stay dry
and protected. But what happens when the unforeseen rip occurs? Tape can
be the difference between trip success and a soggy situation. However, don’t throw just any roll into your backpack, you need tape that meets the needs of extreme outdoor environments. For
that reason, Survivorman, Les Stroud, sticks with T-Rex brand, which offers all-weather protection that works longer and holds stronger. To mend gear, try using T-Rex Clear Repair Tape, which adheres and holds strong to wet surfaces, so that you can patch yourself up and get back into action.
3. Boot Basics. Broken-in boots are the best to ensure comfort and no blisters, but sometimes they can wear out mid- trek. Luckily, tape can be your savior to keep soles in place or add waterproofing until you’re back to base. Additionally, adding tape around your boot top can keep laces from snagging and becoming untied when you’re trekking through brush or vines.
4. Fast Fix for Fishing Poles. If the un-
expected happens and your rod breaks, it could be the end of the fishing day for an inexperienced angler. But if you’re prepared with strong tape, you’ll have
an easy solution -- not an emergency. Depending on the location of the break, you may be able to reinforce the rod with a few layers of tape. Alternately, you could overlap the two broken sections
by a few inches and tape the sections to- gether thoroughly. Then, carry on until you limit out.
5. Torn Tents and Tarps. After a long day in the outdoors, shelter is important for a good night’s sleep. If an unfortu- nate tear occurs in your tent or your tarp, don’t let rain or insects in -- sim- ply, patch it up with tape. A well-suited choice for the job is T-Rex Clear Repair
Tape, since it sticks to both wet and dry surfaces, ensuring an easy and instant fix in any weather condition. Plus, the clear color will blend in and look seamless.
6. Quick Campsite Clothesline. Forget your clothesline? Or, just don’t feel
like carrying extra rope (which can get tangled)? Create a cord out of a single piece of tape or by braiding three strands together and string it from one tree to another. Soon, you’ll have a strong spot to hang clothes to dry -- or to tie bags of food up and off the ground away from hungry critters.
Don’t leave home without the proper supplies -- especially tape. With this key necessity, you’ll be ready to handle a va- riety of situations or mishaps and enjoy your next outdoor adventure.

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