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Success Story

                                                                           Alfiniti is a manufacturer of aluminum products, drawn tubing and aluminum
             Before                                                        extrusions. They work in partnership with customers to identify needs, requirements
                                                                           and constraints, developing the right solutions for their customers.

                                                                           Finding the best, most effective solution for the customer is also SIB Lighting’s
                                                                           mission. Our engineers identified the light fixtures necessary to maximize the
                                                                           incentives and rebates, making suggestions that were different from what Alfiniti
                                                                           originally thought they needed.

                                                                           Working with SIB’s professional lighting consultants not only improved aesthetics
                                                                           and visibility in Alfiniti’s facility, it also resulted in an 80% reduction in lighting-related
                                                                           energy costs, $57,631 in rebates and payback in less than a year.

                                                                                         80%                               80%

                                                                                          reduction in                     reduction in
                                                                                       ENERGY COSTS                 ENERGY CONSUMPTION

                                                                               $57,631                                 10 months

                                                                               REBATE ALLOWANCE                                   PAYBACK

                                                                                   • 843-576-3656
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