Page 28 - Walks In The Black Range, Vol. 4
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   7. New Mexico Locust (Rusby’s Locust), Robinia neomexicana var. rusbyi, is a common species in the Black Range, especially since the Silver Fire. (Photo above - May 2020)
 9. Mimulus guttatus, Spotted Monkeyflower, is named for the spots on the lower lip of the flower. Its other Common English Name is Seep Monkeyflower, which describes the habitat where it is frequently found. It grows well along the edge of Drummond Creek. (Photo above - May 2020)
 8. Phacelia integrifolia, Gypsum Scorpionweed, is not as common here as it is in the rest of New Mexico. (Photo above - May 2020)
10. Cordilleran Flycatchers, Empidonax occidentalis, were swarming the spot where we turned around. (Photo above - May 2020)
11. I will not venture to guess the species growing on the small waterfall where we decided to call it a morning. At this spot, Drummond Canyon shows the effects of the Silver Fire. (May 2020 - Following two photos)

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