Page 61 - Walks In The Black Range, Vol. 4
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  7. Juncus torreyi, Torrey's Rush, (left) was growing in the stream-bed where the trickle of water formed small pools. (Note that this has to be a tentative identification - I am outside my scope of competence here.)
One of the common geraniums of the Black Range, Geranium richardsonii, Richardson Geranium (bottom photo), was growing in several large clumps near the rushes.
8. Pericome caudata, Taperleaf, (photos on the following page) was growing in the stream-bed as clumps of flowers on plants which barely reached my knee. On the stream bank the plants were very large, easily over 6 feet high and more in diameter.
Western Honey Bees (below), Apis mellifera, were busy working the Taperleaf. Some sources refer to this species as the

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