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 9a. Lower and Middle FT-146 and FR-523 (Grandview Trail and Silver
Creek Road)

Contributed by Devon Fletcher
I had wanted to visit this section of Silver Creek above the Silver Creek Road for many years and finally made up my mind and went back in 2018. It's a long drive from my home in Las Cruces to get to the start of this hike. I left the house at 8 and wasn't hiking until 10:30 or so. The Silver Creek Road (FR 523) has a couple of bad crossings over Little Gallinas Creek, but otherwise is quite drivable. I was glad to see the old cabins we had visited 8 or 9 years ago had not burned in the Silver Fire in 2013. The large Columbia Mine nearby, though, which previously was concealed in thick forest was easily visible amongst the burnt trees.
About a quarter mile from Silver Creek crossing, there are berms that prevent vehicles from traveling any further, but there is a large turnaround/parking area. This was all put in place, I'm sure, because where the roads meets Silver Creek, it is completely washed away. There would be no way to turnaround at that point.

There is a little bit of a mine road to follow initially on the north side of the stream. Most people would not notice it. Past the mine there are a few old blazes on ponderosa pines, but the trail (technically part of the Grandview Trail) is mostly invisible.
the shrubs and bushes. There is one tough section of boulders and fallen snags, but after that comes the falls which are over bare limestone bedrock.
Unfortunately there was just the barest of trickles when I visited. I plan to come back when the flows are better though, because this series of steep slides, cascades, and drops will be quite a show. The whole section with cliffs and alcoves on the north side is very rugged and still quite scenic despite the damage done by the fire.
At the top of the falls section there is fifteen foot straight drop. I tried to climb up the rock on the north side, but really couldn't get a good footing. I then decided to ascend a narrow break in the bedrock with small oak trees and their protruding roots, both of which I used for leverage.
  9a. Describes the middle section of the Grandview Trail (not covered in “9”) and FR 523 north of the Silver Creek “crossing”. This walk described here was made prior to that described in “9”.
  Not to worry though, because the flooding after the fire has left many parts of creek scraped clean to the bedrock which makes for easy walking. I continued up with my only companions the little yellow warblers darting in and out of

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