Page 1 - DMEA Week 03 2021
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Issue 473              21•January•2021                     Week 03

                    ™     ™Abu Dhabi seeks hydrogen leadership

                            Three of Abu Dhabi’s most prominent state entities have announced the
                            formation of a hydrogen alliance.

                    ™     ™ADNOC merges downstream, trading

                            ADNOC has merged its downstream, trading and marketing divisions as part
                            of a strategy to enhance its non-upstream operations.

                    ™     ™an launches $3.4bn gas refinery

                            Iran has launched a $3.4bn refinery to process associated gas and cut its flaring
                            volumes significantly.

                    ™     ™Syrian fuel shortages continue

                            Syria is continuing to struggle with fuel shortages, because its refineries cannot
                            procure enough oil supply.
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