Page 1 - MEOG Week 04 2022
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Issue 853             26•January•2022                     Week 04

                    ™      amco continues iktva push

                            The state oil giant is continuing its push to indigenise energy and technology
                            services to support the push to expand oil production.

                    ™      an to expand oil capacity

                            NIOC this week said it plans to increase Iran’s crude oil production capacity
                            from around 3.8mn bpd to 5.7mn bpd by the end of the decade.

                    ™      ADNOC launches debt issuing arm

                            ADNOC this week set up a new debt-issuing arm to explore new sources of
                            finance for the state oil giant and started preparation for a bond issuance.

                    ™      aihaa facilities and expansion

                            The operators of south-eastern Iraq’s Faihaa oilfield this week awarded a
                            contract for the construction of a facility to process oil from the asset.
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