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      9.1.5​ Retail sector news
       One quarter of Kyiv restaurants have closed permanently due to coronavirus restrictions​ in 2020, estimates a new study, “Consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic and quarantine measures for the leading sectors of the Ukrainian economy.” “In cities where there is less population, the situation is many times worse,” Marlin Tynny, owner of the Praha and Montecchi Capuleti restaurants, tells researchers. “Millions of people were left without a livelihood.” The 190-page study was prepared by the centre for Applied Research in cooperation with Ekonomichna Pravda and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.
Sales of electronics and home appliances during last month’s ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ were up 28% y/y to $235mn, ​reports the Ukraine unit of GfK, Germany largest market research institute. Online sales jumped by 73% y/y, partly because online stores offered more discounts. Overall, almost 1mn items were sold during the discount days. The hottest sector was IT, where sales were up 70% y/y in monetary terms.
 9.1.6​ Agriculture sector news
   Capital investment in farming dropped by 43% during the first three quarters, to just below $1bn​, reported the Institute of Agrarian Economics. Citing State Statistics Data, the Institute notes the investment collapse in farming came as overall capital investment in Ukraine fell by 35% y/y, to just under $10bn for the January-September period.
Ukraine 2020 crop harvest drops 13% in 2020​. Ukrainian farmers harvested a total of 65.4 mmt of grains (13.1% lower y/y) from 15.3mn ha in 2020, according to the Ministry of Economy report on December 15.
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