Page 1 - FSUOGM Week 46
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Issue 1102           18•November•2020                      Week 46

                    ™     ™GECF hints at OPEC-style action

                            A number of members of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum have called for
                            closer co-operation, hinting at OPEC-style output co-ordination.

                    ™     ™AP declared ready

                            The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline has been declared ready for commercial
                            operations, following four and a half years of development.

                    ™     ™Germany hooked on Russian gas

                            Germany is set to rely increasingly on Russian gas over the coming decades,
                            with or without Nord Stream 2.

                    ™     ™Rosneft returns to loss in Q3

                            Rosneft returned to a net loss in the third quarter on ruble devaluation, but its
                            core earnings outperformed thanks to strong cash flow.
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