Page 1 - GLNG Week 40
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Issue 635              09•October•2020                     Week 40

                    ™     ™Project approvals

                            The Vietnamese city of Haiphong has approved two LNG-to-power projects
                            that are estimated to cost a combined $7bn.

                    ™     ™Greener outlook

                            Faced with gloomier prospects for oil, France’s Total is pivoting towards gas
                            and renewables, with plans to double its LNG sales within a decade.

                    ™     ™Go-ahead given

                            India’s government has reportedly authorised a BPCL subsidiary to proceed
                            with investment in the Mozambique LNG project.

                    ™     ™Disqualified

                            Brazil’s Petrobras has declined to accept an offer from a Golar Power
                            subsidiary to lease the Bahia LNG terminal.
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