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C O U R S E D ES C R I P TI O N S 2021- 2022
ACADEMIC INFORMATION Padua Franciscan requires 24 credits for graduation.
4 credits English
4 credits Theology
4 credits Mathematics 3 credits Lab Science
(Including Biology)
3 credits Social Studies (Including U. S. History, World History and U.S. Government)
2 credits Foreign Language (single)
1⁄2 credit Health
1⁄2 credit Physical Education 1 credit Fine Arts
1⁄2 credit Computer Science 11⁄2 credits Electives
All students who graduate from Padua Franciscan meet the requirements which are necessary for unconditional acceptance to colleges and universities supported by the State of Ohio. Padua Franciscan’s graduation requirements are in compliance with the NCAA 16 credit rule.
Freshman Orientation
Beginning with the Class of 2021, Padua Franciscan has initiated an academic Freshman Orientation course. This course is required of all freshmen during his or her first and second semesters; it will be awarded .25 credits per semester and will be pass/fail. (See page 32)
Financial Literacy Ohio Graduation Requirement
Financial Literacy (E176) is an online course that meets the high school graduation requirement for Financial Literacy as defined by the Ohio Department of Education. Beginning with the Class of 2022, this requirement will be met during Freshmen Orientation. This course will be a pass/fail non-credit course. (See page 11)
Ohio Department of Education Graduation Requirements (End of Course Exams)
The mandated State of Ohio graduation requirements, including the option for End of Course Exams, started with the Class of 2018. All chartered, non-public schools (which includes Padua Franciscan High School) have an exemption from these exams. Instead, chartered nonpublic schools were granted an alternative option to provide the needed points. Starting with the Class of 2018, Padua Franciscan students must meet these requirements via the high school version of the Iowa Test Battery. Beginning with the Class of 2019, this battery will be administered to all sophomores during the second semester. In order to meet the new graduation policies for the class of 2023 and beyond, Padua is identifying necessary means to complete the state mandate. The new mandate includes demonstrating competence in both Algebra 1 and English 2, as well as earn 2 Readiness Seals, one of which is locally- defined and the other is Ohio-designed.

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