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                      Environmental Commitment
We promote sustainable forestry and recycling.
• We participate in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which integrates the harvesting of trees with the conservation of soil, air, and water resources. Due to this initiative, there is more wood growing across the country today, than at any time in the past century.
• The mill that produces the paper used in our books is “Chain of Custody” certified. This means we can trace the wood back to the area it came from to ensure the wood is certified. A certified wood product must be harvested from a forest that meets strict standards of sustainability, ecological diversity, and socioeconomic responsibility.
• The paper used in our books, is produced from renewable and recyclable resources. Our paper comes from the world’s largest recycler of old newspapers and old magazines.
• Our books are printed on earth-friendly paper that uses 50% less fiber than traditional paper and is manufactured Totally Chlorine Free.
• We use Soybean and other renewable ink sources. All our inks meet requirements for use with the “Soyseal” label.
• The UV coating and binding glue used on our books are 100% recyclable.
• The paper used in this book is made from otherwise unusable lumber by-products.
      The Phone Book continues to emphasize and develop environmentally friendly practices to help conserve our natural resources. We are committed to environmental improvement and reduction in energy use.
                  Telephone Book Recycling
In an effort to remain environmentally responsible, The Phone Book and Washington County Solid Waste are working together to make it easy for you to recycle your old phone books. Washington County Solid Waste collects the books for recycling and The Phone Book donates money from every book collected and presents the money to a local charity. When it’s time to recycle your old telephone directories, look for Washington County Solid Waste’s binnies or listen to the radio for more information.
For all your recycling needs contact Washington County Solid Waste at 673-2813.
                                   RECYCLING & CONSERVATION

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