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R DermAtologiStS S
Dentists-wisdom teeth (Cont)
hAll phillip C DDS - imAgine FAmily
Eddie Bauer 250 Red Cliffs Dr Ste 12 St George674-4431 A Family Dollar
981 W State St Hurricane635-3683
785 E Main St Enterprise 878-2121 B 420 N State St La Verkin 635-8580
44 N Main St Veyo275-4012
595 E Telegraph St Washington 627-8722
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382 S Bluff St 2nd Floor #250 St George656-1111 (See Our Ad On PAGES 218)
orAl & FACiAl Surgery inStitute
Gap Outlet 15 S River Rd Ste 250 St George673-4584 JCPenney 1750 E Red Cliffs Dr St George 673-7200 Kmart 745 S Bluff St St George628-4201 Kohl’s Department Store
650 W Telegraph Rd Washington251-8631 Levi Outlet 250 Red Cliffs Dr St George673-1130
393 E Riverside Dr Ste 2B St George 628-1100 (See Our Ad On PAGE 235)
SmileS reStoreD
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437 S Bluff #102 St George688-2772
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Valantine Matthew R DDS PC
10 Diagonal St Ste 201 St George 673-7373
See Also Dentists-Prosthodontists
Penney J C Co Inc
Department Store 673-7200 Salon 673-7298 Catalog Telephone Shopping
To Inquire About An Order673-7296 Ross Stores Inc 365 S River Rd St George986-8113 Sears 1770 Red Cliffs Dr Ste 128 St George 656-6900
AnDruS roDney DDS mS FACp
Hurricane 180 N 3400 West L Main Store Line 635-6945
Baker y 635-2854 Connection Center635-0387 M Pharmacy635-2014
640 E 700 S Ste 104 St George 674-3100
Tire Lube Express635-0235
bloomington DentAl
1-Hour Photo635-0382 N St George 2610 S Pioneer Rd
169 W 2710 South Circle Ste 102 St George674-9977 Ence James N DDS 754 S Main Ste 1 St George272-4256
Baker y 674-0724 Connection Center656-5743 General Information674-5790 Vision Center674-9771
Washington 625 W Telegraph St
Baker y 986-3774 Connection Center627-2672 Pharmacy628-5424 Vision Center986-3770 Tire & Lube Express986-3768 1-Hour Photo986-3769 Main Store Line 628-2802
hAll phillip C DDS - imAgine FAmily
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382 S Bluff St 2nd Floor #250 St George656-1111 (See Our Ad On PAGES 217)
DepArtment, DiSCount & outlet StoreS
See Also Factory Outlets; Shopping Centers, Department Stores & Malls
Bargain Shoppe The 116 E City Center St St George634-9001
See Also Architects
Arrange Interior Design Serving Southern Utah 669-2345
Bath & Body Works Red Cliffs Mall St George627-8421 7 Bed Bath & Beyond
DeteCtive AgenCieS DevelopmentAlly DiSAbleD-
0 6
See Disabled Persons-Assistance; Disabled Y Persons-Equipment & Supplies; Mental
Health Services; Mentally Handicapped & Developmentally Disabled Services; Schools For Z The Disabled
844 W Telegraph St Ste 2 Washington627-2753 Christensen’s Dept Store 761 S Bluff St St George628-4213 Deseret Industries 2480 E Red Cliffs Dr StG 652-8232 Dillard’s 1850 Red Cliffs Dr St George634-4900 Dollar Tree 1675 W State St Hurricane635-1519
1930 W Sunset Blvd #300 St George688-9413 341 S River Rd St George 628-4552
mentAl & phySiCAl X
528 N Mall Dr St George674-2970 Target 275 S River Rd St George627-2030
TJ Maxx 42 S River Rd St George656-8417 K Tuesday Morning 250 Red Cliffs Dr Ste 37 St George688-7458 WalMart SuperCenters
See Physicians & Surgeons-MD & DO
DeSignerS-home & CommerCiAl
V See Investigators W

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