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elsie Mozzoni LaBarbera, Crisis ourselves in an effort to build a better future Center North Board member and for our children and all living things.” Cocktails & Cuisine Host Committee
Chair, has been selected as a recipient of the 2020 “40 Under 40” Award!
A collaborative initiative between Pittsburgh Magazine and the Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project (PUMP), the 40 Under 40 Awards honors “diverse, passionate and committed difference makers that are transforming our City through their professional and community contributions.”
In 2019, Kelsie volunteered at Crisis Center North by serving as Cocktail &
Cuisine’s Host Committee
Chair. As Chair, she
tripled committee
membership while
raising significant
funds benefiting
victims of
domestic violence.
CCN’s awarded
her the prestigious
Northern Star
Award for her
leadership work in the
social change movement.
Kelsie officially joined CCN’s
Board of Directors in summer 2019 and is a member of the Research, Development & Outreach Committee.
“Being chosen as one of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 40 under 40 recipients represents much more than a recognition of my accomplishments. It’s a symbol that women do belong in science, in leadership roles, and in speaking out against injustice, Ms. LaBarbera expressed. “I believe we can do anything we set our minds to. I am grateful to be a part of this class of honorees: a generation who works hard and puts others and our community above
Professionally, Kelsie is Head of Discovery/ Preclinical Project Management and Research Scientist for Cognition Therapeutics, Inc., leading lab research operations, which is working towards the cure for Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. After completing her degree from Allegheny College with a Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience and minor in studio art, Kelsie began at Cognition Therapeutics, Inc. as a Research Associate. Quickly rising in the company, she traveled
to Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Austria,
and Hungary, where she evaluated the lab
compliance and protocol as trials
were being conducted.
Fueled by her experiences of her
own concussions from playing soccer during college, Kelsie is
determined to improve people’s quality of life through
science. As research trials progress, her contributions will have regional, national, and international implications in neuroscience and for those facing in neurological disabilities and illnesses.
Kelsie is also the founder and proprietor of “People of the Burgh,” an Instagram handle that permits individuals to take the handle for a day and show Pittsburgh through their own eyes. “People of the Burgh” illustrates the rich diversity of the Pittsburgh region and all that it has to offer.
There is a singular red thread running through Kelsie’s community- based and professional endeavors: the thread of empowerment. Betty Friedan said, “Who knows what women can be when they are free to become themselves?” Whether encouraging women to be present on the soccer field, the research lab, or as a voice advocating for anti-violence, Kelsie sends the message that no doors should be closed.
Today, Kelsie is married, has two Siberian Huskies, and is expecting her first child in October! CCN congratulates Kelsie for her outstanding achievements and commitment to supporting survivors of intimate partner violence!
The 40 Under 40 Virtual Celebration will be held on Thursday, November 19, 2020, beginning at 7:00p, and will recognize this year’s honorees and feature the premiere of the 2020 Class of 40 Under 40 video! To register, please visit: https://www. under-40/
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