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List, they are asking for one thing instead of toys: gift cards. Safety is a huge concern in the middle this pandemic, so instead of the usual shopping routine, staff will be providing gift cards to survivors this holiday season. Gift cards make it possible for our clients to buy toys and gifts for their children; gift cards give clients the power of choice and allows them to choose the safest way of receiving these gifts (in store or online purchases).
 Since the center is not asking for toys and stocking stuffers, help survivors of domestic violence this holiday season by donating gift cards in the denomination of $10, $25, $50 or $100 from Amazon, Target, Walmart and other major retailers. If you are unable to go out and purchase a gift card, a monetary gift dedicated to the Holiday Toy Event will also be accepted. Please send any monetary donation, or gift card, to Crisis Center North, and help put the light in a child’s eyes this holiday season!
 Crisis Center North is excited to announce the annual Holiday Giving Program! Even the pandemic cannot stop holiday cheer; however, it has changed donation requests and event set-up. This year, uncertainty will be hung alongside the stockings, as no one has any clue how the holiday season is going to turn out. In order to properly meet client’s needs, Crisis Center North is preparing for all possibilities, and since they made it on to Santa’s Nice

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