Page 8 - SAMPLE 101 Stickers: Ancient Egypt
P. 8

Did you spot
     An archaeologist taking a nap
A sinking boat
A hungry-looking dog
A child about to get told off
A porter having a very bad day
A hot and bothered lady
A clumsy tomb worker
A monkey looking for his dinner
       A stressed-out mother
Some friendly bees
A pair of dancing friends
   Wooden jackal figure
Thebes, Egypt 747–525 BC
Glazed amulet of a wedjat-eye Egypt
About 600 BC
Brown granite hierakosphinx
About 300 BC–AD 100
Blue glazed hippopotamus Egypt 2000–1700 BC
Wooden coffin
Thebes, Egypt 1077–943 BC
Toy clay mouse
Egypt 1550–1070 BC
Blue glazed cat
Egypt AD 100
Mummy of a cat
About 30 BC–AD 150
      Detail from the painted tomb-chapel of Nebamun
Thebes, Egypt
 1350 BC

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