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If you are planning a new kitchen this year why not get creative by mixing and matching colours and textures in cabinets and work tops.
Mixing  nishes provides a much more characterful, interesting look which works particularly well in older houses where contemporary, sleek kitchens may look out of place.
Try dark blue cabinet doors and a
marble worktop on a kitchen island with stone coloured cabinets and a wooden worktop elsewhere in the kitchen.
Add some vintage laboratory style stools and an oversized station clock for a stylishly eclectic look. This look
is ideal for those on a budget as you can mix in some freestanding furniture rather than buying expensive  tted items.
This ‘Arts and Crafts’ kitchen by DeVol beautifully mixes dark cabinets with marble and wood worktops. DeVol kitchens from £15,000,
Original railway station clocks are hard to  nd but this reproduction style by Newgate Clocks de nitely looks the part. Kings Cross Station clock by Newgate, £175,
Trolleys such as this stylish black and wood version from Ikea work well in small kitchens. Stenstorp Trolley £140, Ikea,
Vintage lab stools add some individuality to your kitchen island. Peppermill Interiors has a wide range including these eye catching teal green ones. Vintage stools from a selection, Peppermill Antiques.
Kitchens don’t have to be  tted. There are now  exible freestanding options such as the Zinc range from Maisons du Monde. ‘Zinc’ sink unit, £804, Maisons du Monde,

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