Page 73 - Redbrik Estate Agents: Winter 2018
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Our recently established New Homes team work with developers from property conception to realisation.
With decades of experience in the property sector between them, our team understands how to create the best product in order to maximise value and create homes that match market expectations and are easily sold.
We provide advice to our developers on the ideal mix, sizing, layouts, the  ow of the building, proportions and
materials. We get heavily involved in room design too, especially kitchens, bathrooms and the master suite. We’ll look to work with the architect to ensure we get those all-important wow spaces, whether that be from a view, a double height space or opening rooms up.
We pride ourselves on being ahead of the game, attending trade shows, working with the experts and pushing ourselves to learn and gain inspiration from anywhere we can. We have
the luxury of being at the coal face
and one of our biggest sources of information for developers comes directly from potential buyers. When people register on our database we ask questions that we will use
to directly in uence the new builds coming to market.
In addition to the expert advice, our team work in partnership with the developers every step of the way to ensure a smooth sale, exchange and completion process in the quickest possible time.

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