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                 and shelving. Don’t forget outdoor spaces too. This saves time and
avoids confusion further down the
line. Eventually, this information will be recorded on a fittings and contents form which you will submit to a solicitor clearly indicating what is included in the sale of the property.
One of the most time consuming
but critical jobs when selling is to
get together any documents and information you have which relates
to the property. When it comes to the conveyancing stage, buyers will want to see these documents and spending time finding them now can prevent unnecessary frustrating delays.
So, what do I need? As the seller you will need to engage a solicitor or conveyancer to act for you on the sale of your property. They will send you a Client Care Letter which you will need to return and provide
When it comes to selling, preparation and doing your homework can help to make your sale
run smoothly and we always advise our vendors to invest the same amount of time and effort into ticking legal and financial considerations off their list.
proof of identity such as passport or driving licence and proof of address on a utility bill or bank statement. Once your solicitor has received
this, they will then send you some property information forms for you to complete. These forms require you
to inform potential buyers of any environmental matters such as flood risks or Japanese knotweed, as well as details of leasehold charges or maintenance costs for communal areas. Other questions included in the form relate to boundaries, ongoing disputes with neighbours, notices and proposals for proposed developments in the vicinity, likely costs to insure the property, parking options and the condition of the central heating and electrical wiring.
You’ll also need the property title deeds, which your solicitor can either obtain electronically or get from
you. Your solicitor will also need you to supply to them any additional documents relating to the property, including: Fensa Certificates; any

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