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Ensure your dining table is the place to be this winter...
 Staying in is the new going out, especially during the colder winter months, so make dinner parties extra special with some fabulous new tableware. There is a huge choice available on the high street and forget any notions that everything needs to match – eclectic is the look of the moment.
You probably don’t give much thought to your tableware but there
is a significant amount of historical relevance to how we serve and
eat our food. The oldest tableware implement that came into being was an early form of spoon fashioned from natural resources such as stones or shells. Ancient Egyptians used more decorative spoons including ones made from gold or silver whilst in Ancient Rome public dining became popular with families demonstrating their wealth with elaborate table settings.
Tableware developed into items we might recognise today during the Renaissance when advances in glass manufacture meant that intricate goblets for wine could be produced. Later, in 18th century England, the taste for exotic imported tea meant that ladies required beautifully decorated porcelain teapots and cups to enjoy afternoon tea with friends.
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There is a huge amount of vintage tableware available on sites such as eBay and even in your local charity shop. Vintage styles can look great mixed with contemporary pieces.
This season look out for scallop shaped 1950s glassware in pastel colours and brightly coloured
Scandinavian style floral designs from the 1960s and 70s.
For those who would prefer something new that reflects current trends in interior design, we have selected some of our favourite new styles that are just perfect for your festive dining table.
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