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Have you ever thought about designing your dream property and taking the plunge into the world of self-build?
We spoke to Abel Hinchliffe, Associate Director at CODA Bespoke, who specialise in designing luxurious extensions, renovations and new homes. Here he shares his top tips
on planning your perfect self-build property.
“A self-build project is not for the faint- hearted but it is exceptionally rewarding, allows you to be creative and the end results are amazing.
I would offer three main pieces of advice to anyone undertaking a self- build.
"1. Buy the right plot of land – this is sometimes the hardest part! The plot you buy will dictate what is possible with your self-build. Do your research
and make sure you get statutory searches done before completion so you know what could be in the ground. Engage with your architect early as they will be able to advise you on what is possible on the plot of land and in the neighbourhood, whilst alerting you to any local planning restrictions which may affect the end product.
"2. Hire the right professionals. Cheap is not always best. This is your dream home and, for most, this will be the biggest spend of your lives and the result of a lifetime of hard work and saving. Make sure you invest your money wisely and that includes in your tradespeople and design team. By all means shop around, but if someone seems cheap, ask yourself why? If they’re willing to do the job for less money does this mean they will end up spending less time and effort on realising your vision?
"3. Finally, put your trust in the professionals to do their job and help make your vision a reality. At CODA Bespoke, we ask for a minimal brief from our clients, such as how many bedrooms are needed, any special rooms that are required, such as a cinema or gym, whether you want it open plan and finally the style that you like – contemporary, ultra-modern, traditional etc.
"Pictures can be helpful although we would advise you to keep an open mind, as a particular feature may not suit or be possible on that particular build. We want to design a concept that will stand the test of time and will gain planning permission but is also something that is bespoke to you. Once the initial concept has been drawn up, we can work with you to make specific alterations to build your perfect home.”

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