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 Kelham Island Museum
Kelham Island is one of the trendiest areas of Sheffeld. Located in one of the oldest industrial districts in Sheffeld, it is home to quirky shops, restaurants, and plenty of wonderful sights.
There’s a lively, community spirit at Kelham Island, filled with a fantastic variety of local businesses, including outstanding eateries, stylish bars and lovely shops.
This is particularly exemplified at our former home, Krynkl – a revolutionary space showcasing the best independent businesses Sheffeld has to offer.
This issue, we take a look at what makes Kelham Island such a fantastic spot.
Craft and Dough
At Craft and Dough, it’s all in the name – a wide range of craft beers are on offer and served alongside beautifully worked doughs creating
mouth-watering artisan pizzas. If you’re looking for something fun to do, you can try one of the pizza making courses – get stuck in and make some tasty food!
The Milestone
Sheffeld’s premier gastro pub, The Milestone, was recently included in The Michelin Guide 2018 which should give you an idea of how brilliant the food is. Serving up a delicious array of cuisine, from brunch to Sunday lunch, the food here will most certainly excite the taste buds.
Kelham Island Museum museum
An absolute must-see. The museum covers the history of the Sheffeld industrial and steelmaking industry – informative and fun!
Kelham Island Brewery
Kelham Island Brewery is the first
new independent microbrewery
in Sheffeld in almost 100 years, producing delicious craft beers that you will most certainly want to try. Pre- booked tours with options for tutored tasting, plus a pie and pea supper are available – a great activity for any keen ale fans.
Peddler Night Market
Located on Burton Road, Peddler Night Market serves a variety of cocktails, street food, craft beer, live music and art every month. Free entry means that this is a great place to taste some new foods and drinks, while listening to music and socialising with friends and family.
The Grind Café
Opened in 2010, The Grind Café is independently owned and is one
of Kelham Island’s hottest social spots. Recently refurbished, the café

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