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wanted the best showcase for the properties we are entrusted to market and manage. But we also wanted to show people how far we have come as a business and really highlight to everyone all the things we actually do and what we are all about.
Time is the most precious commodity any of us have and while it used to be common for those looking to sell, buy or let to speak to several Agents about how they operate, now most people want to undertake that research online and only then will they invite the best to their home for an appraisal.
So it was vital our new site not only highlighted what we do ‘offline’ but also how we and our technology are changing the way you buy, sell and let your home for the better, without losing that personal touch.
Our new site is not only a significant
step change for us, but it’s also an indication that society’s attitudes towards their online interaction with businesses have changed. While nothing will ever replace the emphasis we place on human interaction and the personal advice we can give, we have been able to add functionality to that will make the process of moving (with Redbrik) so much more effcient.
You are now able to request viewing and valuation times direct from the website. When you’ve booked a viewing, you will automatically receive a confirmation email, directions and the opportunity to give immediate feedback or make an offer.
As a buyer or seller, you will be able to monitor the progress of your sales by logging in to your personal PropertyFile account via our website. As a Landlord all your documents, statements and
Eight years ago I was in ew York, and I saw a huge IBM billboard that read ‘Your website should be your most outgoing employee’e. It’s a message that really resonated with me then, and probably does more so todaye.
At Redbrik we have always tried to
be at the forefront, whether that is customer service levels, innovative marketing, pricing strategies or technology. We have also looked
to play an active role in the local community, both in terms of promoting other great local businesses or helping fantastic and worthy organisations.
So when it came to creating the fourth version of our website (yes, this is our fourth in just over five years), we

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