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Foliage is back in a big way and not just in your garden. House plants are bang on trend and the trend has now trickled down to the high street, where you’ll  nd an array of foliage inspired products for your home.
If you want to breathe life into your rooms then real plants designed for indoor spaces are the way to go. According to Pinterest searches for ‘pattern plants’ are up 533 per cent, so look out for large leaved plants with variegated leaves. There are health bene ts to houseplants, too. The Snake Plant – also known as Mother-in-law’s
tongue – give out oxygen at night; place one in your bedroom and you’ll breathe better while you sleep, whilst the resilient Spider Plant helps combat carbon monoxide in the air.
There are options for the less green  ngered too. You can bring the foliage trend into your home using greenery inspired arts prints, fabric and accessories.
Try forest green accessories paired with soft pink walls or go for drama by matching botanical prints with 2018’s other big trend – ultra violet.
The stripy leaves of this Calathea White Star house plant have inspired its name of ‘The Zebra Plant’, £17.99, Crocus,
These detailed prints are reminiscent of vintage botanical drawings. Set of four framed prints, £215, OKA,
This fascinating co ee table book from the publishing team at Kew Gardens gives you the lowdown on living with plants. ‘Get Plants’ book, £25.00 from Kew Gardens Online,
We love this rug featuring tropical plants made from pure New Zealand wool. Manila Rug, £470.00, Fabrics and Papers,
Lack of gardening skills is no problem with these realistic faux plants. Potted faux succulents, from £14.95, Graham and Green,

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