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When you think of city centre living what springs to mind? Sleek, rented apartments with panoramic views? Well, you are not far wrong, and according to a new report, this way of living could make you happier!
Downtown residents living in apartment blocks have been found to be more active and socially engaged than people who live in the sprawl
of suburbia, according to a study by Oxford University and the University of Hong Kong.
The report aimed to challenge popular beliefs about city life and showed that in 22 British cities people living in built- up residential areas had lower levels
of obesity and exercised more than residents in scattered, suburban homes.
Its authors said their  ndings should encourage politicians to promote
the bene ts of city living and having worked in the city centre lettings sector in She eld for the last 20 years; I am a real advocate of this way of life.
She eld city centre really
does have the potential to be a fantastic place to learn, work,
live, relax and shop. The compact and highly pedestrianised centre boasts a mix of large chain stores, independent retailers, restaurants, bars, art galleries, theatres, cinemas, museums, indoor market, live music venues and open spaces. A well- formed transport infrastructure with excellent connections to cities such as London and Manchester make it appealing to commuters, and the proximity to Peak District is another key selling point.
While the city centre apartment market is not as mature as other northern cities like Manchester and Leeds, as much as 98 percent of the rental market in the city centre is dominated by studios, one and two- bed apartments.
The demand for high-quality apartments for young professionals remains as high as ever, and following a somewhat stagnated sector for many years, there is a real buzz around the city since regeneration specialist Queensbury was appointed in June 2016 by She eld City Council.
A masterplan, which (at the time of writing) is close to being  nalised, has started to attract attention from retailers, high-end hoteliers, and, in particular, Build to Rent operators.
Build to Rent schemes, whereby  ats and houses are built purely for private rent with the building owned by a large investor or fund, are established in London and are well underway in the likes of Manchester and Leeds.
Redbrik is heavily involved in the advisory stages of various Build to Rent schemes set for South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire, which have tremendous potential. It does feel like we are on the cusp of an exciting new era for city centre living.

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