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Is it time to refurbish your bathroom? Have you settled on the idea but have no idea where to start?
With more than 120 years of experience and a great deal of passion for what they do, the team at H2O Bathrooms Solutions Ltd. have seen it all and know exactly what to do when it comes to upgrading your bathroom.
We spoke with their Director Richard Hardy to get his advice on where to start:
“The key to creating the perfect bathroom is preparation.
“Around three quarters of time goes into planning, which is critical to ensure you get the most out of the space and
the project runs smoothly. There are lots of things to consider when refurbishing a bathroom and missing out a crucial step can cause disaster when it comes to the installation.
“You need to consider the entire space you’re working with, starting with the toilet. Be sure to locate the position of the waste pipe and where it leads to as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to move this.
“It’s important to know what kind of heating system you have, as some equipment, such as showers, work better depending if the system is gravity-fed or a combination boiler.
“Electrics are another signi cant area for consideration. Regulations have changed a lot over the last 25 years, so you must ensure that everything going
into the room is regulated and safe.
“Other things to look for include whether the  oor is concrete or wooden, whether it is possible to put piping underneath the  oor, and window location.
“All of these di erent factors play a role in the planning of a bathroom. Good planning means when you come to install the bathroom, there should be very few roadblocks, and then the choices are all the fun ones!
“Do you go contemporary or traditional? Do you want a free standing bath or would you prefer
a wet-area rather than a shower enclosure? We are here to help give you the advice you need and inspire you with amazing new product ideas.”

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