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Check with the local planning
o ce to see if you need permission to carry out building work. All home improvements on this scale must also comply with Building Regulations and be inspected and passed at key stages.
Storage is always a key factor for buyers, and the practicalities of a kitchen, in particular, can have an impact on how favourably potential buyers view a house. A new kitchen will make your property more appealing to buyers and, can add as much as  ve to 15 per cent to its value.
To appeal to all buyers, opt for clean, neutral kitchen designs and always keep expense in proportion to the size and current value of your property.
There is little chance of adding value
(or even recouping costs) if you add
a £25,000 kitchen to a semi that’s only worth £170,000. As a good rule of thumb, you should spend approximately  ve to ten per cent of the value of your home on a new kitchen.
After the kitchen, the next option is
to spruce up the bathroom. A new en-suite or second bathroom can add approximately  ve per cent to your home’s value. Simply renewing a bathroom suite, with fresh taps, a new shower screen and sparkling towel rails, will also make your home more saleable.
Making your home energy e cient saves you money, as well as adding value to your home in the long run
– some sources estimate that an eco-friendly house can fetch up to
six per cent more than a standard one. Many of the eco-friendly home improvements you can make, such as adding insulation and  tting solar- panel heating, make a big di erence to your annual energy bills.
The Energy Saving Trust says that in an average home, laying DIY loft insulation can save you up to £145 per year. Elsewhere, a solar water heater, which starts at around £1,500
can provide up to 70 per cent of your hot water free!
Additionally, Government grants are available as part of the Renewable Heat Incentive, to help you make some of these eco-improvements.
You can also add value in simple ways – make a good  rst impression with your front door and hallway, and buyers feel more positive about the value of the property itself! If your front door is looking like it needs a scrub down, a fresh lick of paint or some new door furniture, give it a little overhaul.
A new letterbox, door knocker or house number can revive your home’s exterior. It is the  rst thing a potential buyer might touch, so make sure it is tactile and sets the tone for your home.
Also, make sure pathways and windows are in good repair. Excellent kerb appeal can positively impact a buyer’s opinion before they’ve even entered the property.

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