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So why in the world would we want to change anything?
In truth, because we can see the same trends in the market, too. Sale chains are collapsing more regularly with buyers pulling out of purchases on what can feel like a whim. There are more signi cant checks on mortgage applications today, and buyers sometimes think they can trick the system, which in truth they can’t. Some lawyers seem to be adopting a ‘computer says no’ approach, rather than taking a sensible or realistic route to solve a problem.
A few more sellers and Landlords have been brainwashed by  xed, upfront fee based ‘property marketing businesses’ that claim to save their clients’ money but pay little importance to sales negotiation
Sales have gone through approximately four weeks quicker than the industry average, and we have achieved an average of 98.9 per cent of the asking price for our homeowners.
and progression. If just one of these businesses is involved in a sales chain, problems seem to be more regular.
So, what can the industry, and Redbrik, do about it and how can we ensure that we are protecting our customers and get them moving in a timely and stress-free manner?
Peter Knight rightly points out
that: “Agents have been poor in highlighting the negatives to potential sellers.” He believes that part of the agent’s role is to talk to sellers about the issues, the positives and the negatives of the moving process. By highlighting what can go wrong, will sellers look more closely at what an agent is supposed to do?
At Redbrik, we feel we have always been honest with our clients and give

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