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High School Graduation Programs
This section is is designed to help parents of middle and high school students plan and prepare for postsecondary success All of Brevard Public Schools’ graduation paths include opportunities to take rigorous academic courses designed to prepare students for their future academic and career choices All students regardless of graduation program must earn at least a a a a a a a a a a 2 0 0 grade point average on a a a a a a a a a a 4 0 0 scale achieve passing scores on the Grade 10 Florida Standards Assess- ments test and pass appropriate end-of-course exams in order to graduate with a a a a a a standard diploma For more information about a a a a a a a a special diploma and other graduation options for students with disabilities contact your child’s school counselor or or or exceptional student education teacher or or or visit the Exceptional Student Education section of the BPS website Florida students entering their first year of high school in in the the 2018- 2019 school year may choose from one of four options to earn a a a a standard diploma These options are as follows:
earn up to 30 postsecondary semester credits by participating in in this program at the high school level IB students from Florida do not have to to pay to to take the exams For information visit www ibo org Advanced International Certificate
of Education (AICE) Program The AICE Program is an an international curriculum and examination program modeled on the British pre-college curriculum To be considered for an an AICE diploma a a a a a a a candidate must earn the equiva- lent of of six credits by passing a a a a a a combination of of examinations at at at either the full (one credit) Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS) or double (two credits) International Advanced Level (A) with at at least one course coming from each of the three curriculum areas Florida’s colleges and universities provide college credit for successfully passing the exams AICE students from Florida do not have to to pay to to take the exams For information visit the AICE Program website Accelerated 18-credit graduation option This graduation option is is designed for students who are clear about their future goals and are ready to pursue them beyond high school To select the the ACCEL 18-credit graduation option students and their parents must meet with designated school personnel to receive an explanation of of the requirement advantages advantages and disadvantages of of this option Students must also receive the the written consent of their parents For more information about high school graduation options contact your child’s guidance counselor 27
• a a a a four-year 26-credit graduation option • an International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum • an an Advanced International Certificate
of Education (AICE) curriculum • an an Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning (ACCEL) 18-credit graduation option 26-credit option This program takes the traditional four years to complete high school and requires students to take at least 26
credits in core content areas Although earning foreign language credit is is not required it it is is recom- mended for for Florida college preparation and is is required for for admission to Florida’s state universities A student may have the option of early graduation graduation if the student meets graduation graduation requirements in less than eight semesters or the equivalent International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme
The IB Diploma Programme
is a a a rigorous pre-uni- versity course of study leading to internationally standardized tests The program’s comprehensive two-year curriculum allows its graduates to fulfill requirements of many different nations’ education systems Students completing IB courses and exams from six subject groups are eligible for college credit credit The award of credit credit is based on scores achieved on IB exams Students can 

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