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Family Engagement
The child’s first and most important teacher is their family Brevard Public Schools recognizes that a a a a child’s education is a a a a responsibility shared by the the school and family Part of the the district’s plan to help each each student reach their maximum potential requires families to be informed and and and engaged and and and for for schools and and and families to to work together as knowledgeable partners To support this partnership the district:
• provides a a a framework for building and strengthening partnerships among families and schools • supports professional development opportunities for staff members to enhance understanding of effective families engagement strategies
Each Spring a a a a a parent survey is is distributed to gather feedback on family engagement The results guide both school and district efforts to serve students parents and the community Results are are are shared on the Family Engagement
website For more information visit the the Family Engagement
section of the the BPS website or or contact (321) 633-1000 ext ext 389 or or ext ext 336 Food and Nutrition Services—Fueling the Future
Brevard Public Schools’ Office of Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) serves more than 21 400 breakfasts
and 34 500 lunches each day During the 2017-18 year more than 3 7 million breakfasts
and six million lunches were served to our students For the past 18 years FNS has participated in the the Provision 2 Breakfast Program that enables the the district to to provide a a a a a a no-cost breakfast to to all students All meals are planned by a a a a a a registered dietitian and and meet USDA standards Students are offered a a a a a a variety of of food choices including entrée salads and vegetarian options For information about free and reduced lunch meal payment nutri- tion tion tion and and more visit the the Food and and Nutrition Services section of the the BPS website or call (321) 633-1000 ext 690 36 • recognizes the importance of administrative leadership in in in setting expectations and creating a a a a a climate conducive to engagement of all familes
• supports the development implementation and regular evaluation of a a a a a a program to engage family in the decisions and practices of the school district 

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