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                                          Photos below l-r: The Cooler; The Lost Prince; State Of Play; American Cousins; Kiss Of Life; Spooks; The Young Visiters; Love Again; The Station Agent
American Cousins - GB
Dir: Don Coutts
DP: Jerry Kelly
Shot on F-64D 8622/F-125T 8632 BAFTA Nominee (writer Sergio Casci) for Carl Foreman Award
Chin Up - GB
Dir: Neil Edson
DP: Adrian Hedgecock Shot on F-400T 8682 DGGB nominee for Best Short
The Cooler - US
Dir: Wayne Kramer
DP: Jim Whitaker
Shot on F-64D/F-250D/F-500T Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actor (Alec Baldwin)
Dirty Pretty Things - GB
Dir: Stephen Frears
DP: Chris Menges BSC
Shot on F-250 8552/F-500 8572 Winner of four British Independent Film Awards, including Best British Film, and Oscar nominee for
Original Screenplay (Steve Knight)
El Viaje Hacia El Mar - Uruguay Dir: Guillermo Casanova
DP: Barbara Alvarez
Winner of the Colon D’Oro at
the 29th IberoAmerican Film Festival, Huelva, Spain
Girl With A Pearl Earring - GB Dir: Peter Webber
DP: Eduardo Serra AFC Partially shot on Reala 500D 8592 10 BAFTA nominations, including Outstanding British Film and Cinematography; DGGB nomination for British Film (Webber)
Kiss Of Life - GB
Dir: Emily Young
DP: Wojciech Szepel
Shot on F-64D 8522/Reala 500D 8592/16mm F-250D 8662 Carl Foreman Award winner at the BAFTAs
Le Cerf-Volant (The Kite) - Lebanon Dir: Randa Chahal Sabag
Shot on F-125/F-500
Three awards (CinemaAvvenire, Grand Special Jury, Laterna Magica) and Golden Lion nominee at 60th Venice Film Festival
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King – US/New Zealand
Dir: Peter Jackson
DP: Andrew Lesnie Distributed worldwide on Fujifilm Positive stock (35mm POS 3513D)
11 Oscars including Best Film;
four BAFTAS, including Film & Cinematography, and Orange Film of the Year; four Golden Globes including Film and Director,
DGGB Winner (International Film)
The Lost Prince - GB
Dir: Stephen Poliakoff
Dir: Barry Ackroyd BSC
Shot on F-500T 8672/F-250D 8662 Two BAFTA TV nominations for Best Actress (Miranda Richardson, Gina McKee); DGGB nominee for TV movie/serial; Five BAFTA TV Craft nominations, including Photography
Love Again - GB
Dir: Susanna White
DP: Mike Eley
Shot on F-400T 8582
RTS Awards Best Single Drama nominee
Spooks - GB
Dir: Sam Miller, Ciaran Donnelly, Justin Chadwick
DP: Sue Gibson BSC, Adam Suschitzky Shot on F-125T/F-250D/ F-250T/F-400T/F-500T
RTS Awards Best Drama Series winner; BAFTA TV Craft nominee for Editing
State Of Play - GB
Dir: David Yates
DP: Chris Seager BSC
Partially shot on F-400T 8682/F-250T 8652/F-500T 8672
Three RTS Awards including
Best Drama Serial; DGGB Award for TV Movie/Serial (Yates); three BAFTA TV nominations, including Best Drama Serial and Actor (David Morrissey, Bill Nighy); Four BAFTA TV Craft nominations including Photography
The Station Agent - US Dir: Thomas McCarthy
DP: Oliver Bokelberg Partially shot on
16mm F-64D/16mm F-250D BAFTA award winner for Original Screenplay (McCarthy)
Twin Sisters - Luxembourg/Netherlands Dir: Ben Sombogaart
DP: Piotra Kukla
Shot on F-400 8582/Reala 500D 8592 Best Foreign Language Oscar Nominee and winner of
Silver Frog at Camerimage 2003
The Young Visiters - GB
Dir: David Yates
Dir: Chris Seager
Partially shot on F-400 8682/F-250D 8662 BAFTA TV award nominee for Best Actor (Jim Broadbent); BAFTA TV Craft nominee for Music (Nicholas Hooper)
Zmruz Oczy (Squint Your Eyes) -
Dir: Andrzej Jakimowski
DP: Adam Bajerski, Pawel Smietanka Shot on F-64D/F-250D/F-500 Four awards including Best Film at 28th Polish Film Awards
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