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(b) You claim to have "made savings", but are unwilling or unable to supply the evidence or to substantiate the fact that any such savings were made.
Following the fiasco of Mr White’s Witness Statement well evidenced as having been drawn up by Mrs Hillgarth containing as it did and still does, despite its re-issue, total fantasies and fabrications (all disproved) and now with the above statement made in an email (attached) dated 15 June 2016, I suggest you refrain from making further references to Mr White’s memory of events and integrity before our barrister lays into him in any court of law you wish to be entertained in.
I’m quite happy to await “the court to determine whether or not your  evidence is to be preferred to that of Mr Tony White” based on the above offer to make a third Witness Statement in my favour!
(reply) Just how much more information do you need before comprehending replies to date? You have to be brain dead to think that, as an example, full Emergency Lighting, full and additional lighting and electrics throughout etc could have been afforded unless savings were made - was an application made to Lessees for additional funding for anything over and above the agreed (and chosen by Mrs Hillgarth) budget of AR Lawrence (no) so exactly how do you or your client think that these additional works were funded? Do please advise as the court will be interested too....
(c) The lessees (you imply) tacitly (back to “game set and match emails again) approved or condoned the fact that you were carrying out some of the work yourself (what exactly is the problem? Is it that the works were done or that the works (some) were done by me or under my supervision? Am I right in thinking that if I now totally deny I lifted a finger but had others do all the additional works and I just looked on and then paid out £31,756 , all
is well - just so long as I did nothing and did not take one penny - easily fixed! See your Witness’ offer.)— and that you were funding the ”additional work" by ”making savings". (I  assume that is the thrust of your rhetorical question: ”were lessees advised of additional works
and savings being made to fund them? (yes)"). You say they had been advised of this in your email to Mrs Hillgarth dated 11 September 2014 (you confuse it with an e-mail of 13 September 2014) which you refer to as your "game, set and match" e-mail. (No, Sir - you are the one who is confused, that’s if you really are writing these reams of drivel which as I’ve said before, I cannot believe) Seemingly the fact that the  lessees took no action to stop you can — at least in your mind — be taken to constitute  "approval".
The truth is that after you had been photographed doing the work (again photographs will be  supplied) you had received endless e-mails from several of the lessees asking what you were up to  and telling you that you were not allowed to deviate from Section 20 or to carry out work yourself.  (And replies were made to the “few usual suspects” making clear the situation - see again “game set and match x 2 or 3 or whatever” and others identified earlier and previously in correspondence ad nauseam) But need- less to say the lessees were in no position to stop you (oh yes? see comment below - if Mrs H. can progress an abortive RTM, and having threatened our previous Agents on multiple occasions of re- ferral to LVT etc, I’m reasonably certain she could have arranged something if that perturbed - in fact she actually had alternative routes of mischief but sadly for you, it was you!). You were after all their landlord (and neighbour for decades, and co-lessee, and friend to most, and living there - not quite “landlord” in the way you are inferring?)— a  position of authority/trust which you have continued to abuse (oh yes? Reducing Quarterlies by £600 per lessee for 2017 is hardly abuse?). To assert that their inaction  constituted some sort of approval is clearly not tenable. (in your opinion or that of your client?) Again, (Hemi, Wade, Grangewood, meetings to discuss and approve etc - see “game set and match emails dated 11th and 13th September) -
(reply) Well seeing as Mrs Hillgarth and some of her cohorts still had not paid their pre-agreed contributions of £2000 each until another 7 weeks (late October) - they did have some considerable ammo to have brought the whole works to a complete standstill - in fact they damn nearly did as email correspondence over this period amply evidences and, dare I mention it, did our infamous website and in fact still has the same observations in place!!! But of course no one was complain- ing of additional works to be done from savings made (no, not one including your client) but simply they objected to having to pay for Water Tank & TV as opposed to using what MHML considered retaining sensible reserves in Reserves!!! Makes sense doesn’t it?
Hope the photos are as good and relevant as those of our dungeon office....or the “shoddy work- ings” Any chance of any of me wandering around Mitre House in my underwear? And ‘ole Bunny?

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