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**All color samples shown are not a true representation of the actual color.
                 DO NOT match to these samples, as you could end up with the wrong color.
                Reston will not reimburse for color matching errors. You must go to the paint
                    store that sells the manufacture’s paint and obtain the specified color **
                                                    Color Palette

                                        Siding and Door Color Packages

                                                      Package 1
                            Siding Options                                    Door Options
               Olympic solid color stain “Cape Cod Gray”       Martin Senour gloss #MI2048 “Colonial Blue”

               Benjamin Moore #AC-28 “Smoke Embers”          Benjamin Moore gloss #1645 “Thousand Oceans”

                                                      Package 2
                            Siding Options                                    Door Options
                                                                 Martin Senour gloss #MI-4606 “Cinnamon
                 Olympic solid color stain “Beige Gray”                          Garden”

                                                                 Benjamin Moore gloss #035 “Baked Clay”

              Benjamin Moore #HC-79 “Greenbrier Beige”        Martin Senour gloss #W1083 “Palace Arms Red”

                                                                   Benjamin Moore gloss “Country Red”

                                                      Package 3
                             Siding Options                                     Door Options
               Benjamin Moore #HC-08 “Providence Olive”         Martin Senour gloss #MI-4500 “Shutter Green”

              Olympic Maxwood solid stain special mix “Oak        Benjamin Moore gloss #HC-134 “Tarrytown
               Spring Green Gray (B:1y + 16, C: 3y+40, F: 9,                       Green”
                          Premium White base)

                                                      Package 4
                             Siding Options                                    Door Options
                 Benjamin Moore #AC-24 “Charlotte Slate”        Martin Senour gloss #MI-4501 “Deep Spruce”
               Duron solid stain special mix “Oak Spring Blue   Benjamin Moore gloos #2049-10 “Pacific Teal”
              Gray” (B: y28, C:10, E: 2y + 1, L: 2y + 36, Accent
                             Base 26-106 1 1)

                                        Trim, Fascia, Rakeboard, Soffits

                                  •  McCormick #101 “Amber White”

                                            Alternative Siding Material
                                  •  Hardiplan, select cedarmill, consistent on all sides of the house
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