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“I’m really looking forward to PUSHING MYSELF to take on other challenges and getting THROUGH THOSE CHALLENGES,” - Anderson
while always supporting the members of his VEP cohort,” Carbajal says. Associate Dean, Daniel Bernard, who oversees the program added,”Joseph’s story is unique to him - and at the same time - is a story of struggle shared by many of his fellow veterans. His journey to success exemplifies both the passion and dedication of our student veterans as well as the role the Veterans Education Program can play in transitioning our student veterans into higher education.” At one Veterans Education Program event, Anderson literally wore the symbols of his family’s military service. His vest had wo- ven into its design replicas of service ribbons awarded in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the war in Iraq. An aunt who served in the U.S. Army for 26 years and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan had the vest made for him.
Anderson is proud of what he has accomplished since joining the Veterans Education Program. “And I’m really looking forward to pushing myself to take on other challenges and getting through those challenges,” he says.
“ I don’t think I’d have been able to accomplish
Anderson is majoring in geology with a goal of joining the U.S. Forest Service or some other agency that has him work in a forest – a connec- tion to nature he forged while living on the Navajo reservation. As he says: “I want to walk among the trees and keep them safe.”
hat without going through the program.”
of all he has accomplished since joining the
In the military and other government agencies, challenge coins are often given to members of a particular organization or for partici- pation in a specific event. Challenge coins are a way of recogniz- ing the support a person has given to a unique division. As such, challenge coins typically include the organization’s seal, motto, emblem, or other designated insignia. The Veterans Education Program Challenge Coin was designed by the 2019-2020 student
cohort and includes several distinct features: On the front of the coin, the program’s seal is surrounded by words that define the spirit of students who participate –Opportunity, Dedication, and Comradery, and is encased in a Bulldog paw print highlighted by the American flag. On the back of the coin, all 5 branches of the US military are set as gears, representing the interconnectedness shared among service members.
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