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Sometimes Life Gets in the Way...
    Guy Barnes, 30, was one class away from earning his Bachelor’s degree in voice performance in 2013 when a dream job opportunity arose: Move to Washington D.C. to play in a military band for heads of state and elected of- ficials around the world. He jumped at the chance.
Guy Barnes
Andrew Dodderer, 32, was 19 units away from graduating when his number came up on a wait list for the Fire Academy in 2011. The wait had been two years, and the academy was a long-held dream; he couldn’t pass it up.
Edith Magallon, 35, was alone in the US, her mother and five younger sib- lings were in Mexico, where her unlce was helping the family since her fa- ther’s death in 2004. In 2017, her uncle died, and she put her education dream on hold to go take care of her family.
      26 California State University, FRESNO
Andrew Dodderer
Edith Magallon

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