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Continuing and Global Education created the Provost Graduation Initiative to support the Califor- nia State University, “Graduation 2025” initiative. Graduation 2025 aims to increase graduation rates while decreasing the achievement gap between groups of students.
Fresno State’s Provost Graduation Initia- tive was originally designed to provide access to summer classes at no cost to students who would graduate by taking a couple of summer classes. Shortly after creation, the initiative was expanded to in- clude low-income students who might not be able to afford access to a summer class. Offering students no-cost summer courses enhances an equitable and expeditious graduation pathway.
The Division of Continuing and Global Ed- ucation launched the Provost Graduation Initiative in 2016, to date, the program has awarded $1.7M in grants to 1,525 students covering the cost of over 5,000 academic units. The grants covers the cost of class- es, helping students catch up on course work, get ahead in needed units, or stay on track to timely graduation. Such was the experience of Macey Aqra.
Macey Aqra
“I am entering my last year toward my bachelors in Biology with a minor in Chem- istry and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies,” said Aqra. “I wish to pursue a ca- reer in medicine. With knowledge gained through my undergraduate journey, I have a great understanding of disparities within healthcare systems.
“My goal is to amplify voices who have been silenced, create a more equitable and safe future for my patients, and to inspire others to work toward a more accessible and compassionate globe.” ~Aqra
Aqra continues
My goals seem much more tangible now as I was able to complete another course toward my degree during the summer.”
Removing the stress of finding ways to pay for summer school has impacted many Fresno State students. “Paying for my education has been a weight on my shoul- ders,” said senior Jose Ramos. “Given that I am a DACA student and am not eligible to receive financial aid from the govern- ment, this financial assistance has aided tremendously.”
As coordinator of the Provost Graduation Initiative, Tom Boroujeni read every appli- cation submitted. “It was eye-opening to see how this grant has impacted so many of our students,” he said. “This grant has been an incredible service to students im- pacted by changing family income.”
Jose Ramos
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