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Summer 2021                                                               A newsletter for F&M Bank’s Ambassador Club members

        President’s                                           Director’s

        Message                                               Message

                                                              Well, it’s been quite some time since
        F&M Bank and our sister bank,                         we’ve talked. I hope this writing finds
        CBI Bank & Trust, legally                             you all in good health and bright
        merged earlier this year. The                         spirits. The pandemic has touched our
        merger involved no change in                          lives, and whether we like it or not, it
        ownership, and it provides                            has and will change our worlds. I
        greater convenience for our                           know the isolation we’ve endured has
                                           Doug Sanders       many of us eager to get out and go,
        customers. You can now transact                                                           Denise Haptonstahl
                                                              and while the vaccines bring new
        business at any of our six
                                                              hope for recovery, we’re still looking at some time before
        locations in Illinois: Galesburg, Brimfield, Peoria, and  we get can back to normal (whatever that will look like).
        Buffalo Prairie; and ten locations in Iowa: Muscatine,
        Davenport, Coralville, Kalona, Washington, Walcott,   The safety and health of our clients and employees is
        and Wilton.                                           extremely important to F&M Bank, therefore the
                                                              Ambassador Club will begin to schedule trips and events at
        If you have friends or family whose bank is closing   a slow pace to get back in the swing of things. We’re
        offices, encourage them to switch to F&M. Our         looking forward to seeing you very soon! For updated
        experienced, dedicated staff is ready to assist in any  scheduling, please visit
        way and make their banking experience as              ambassador-club or call me any time.
        convenient as possible. Our customers always have
                                                              Don’t forget our recipe contest! Submit your favorite recipe
        complete and total access to banking officers and
                                                              to me, and you could win a $25.00 gift card. That’s just
                                                              what Alice Stenander did with her submission of Baked Egg
                                                              Cups. (See recipe on the reverse side).
        F&M Bank is committed to meeting the financial
        needs of our Ambassador Club customers. Our team      In closing, I would like to leave you with this thought. May
        of experts extends from personal bankers to trust and  we never again take for granted: dinner night with friends,
        investment professionals. We are here to help you     birthday gatherings, packed dance floors, coffee with a
        grow and prosper. Thank you for your loyalty and      friend, crowded church pews, sitting with grandchildren, the
        business!                                             roar of a stadium, visiting loved ones in the hospital,
                                                              laughing with friends, hugging the ones we love, or LIFE
        Sincerely,                                            ITSELF (author: Twin Flames Studios).
                                                              Until Next Time,

                                                              Denise Haptonstahl
                                                              Ambassador Club Director
        Doug Sanders
                                                              (309) 343-0002, ext. 20667
        F&M Bank Division

         Choosing an Agent                                      9. Will you be comfortable
                                                                   having a serious discussion
         When you grant a power of attorney, you want to name the  with the person about your
         right agent. But you may not be certain how to identify that  wishes for end-of-life care?
         person. One approach is to set some basic criteria        How will you react if he or
         focusing on essential characteristics. Then ask yourself a  she disagrees with your
         series of questions that help you determine if a prospective  views?
         agent meets those criteria.
                                                               10. Can you think of any reason
           1. Most important, do you trust the person to always act  that naming this person
              in your best interest? Can past experiences back that  might not be a good idea?
              up?                                                                             Jonathan D. Holthe
                                                              It may be that you already have a  Senior Vice President &
           2. Does the person live fairly close by or is he or she  person in mind to name as your  Senior Trust Officer
              able to travel quickly if needed?               agent. But before you make a    309) 343-0002, ext. 20605
           3. Is the person in good health?                   final decision, you should
                                                              probably see how he or she      Nondeposit investment products are
           4. Is the person confident in his or her own judgment?  scores on this list of questions.  available through our Trust & Investment
                                                                                              Department. Nondeposit investment
                                                              Or, if there are two well-qualified  products: Are Not FDIC Insured • Not
           5. Does this person make an effort to evaluate a                                   Bank Guaranteed • May Lose Value •
              situation before making a decision?             candidates with different       Not a Deposit • Not Insured by Any
                                                              strengths, you may want to grant  Federal Government Agency.
           6. Will the person respond effectively to criticism about  one power of attorney for finance
              his or her decisions or to potential conflict?  and the other power of attorney
                                                              for healthcare.
           7. Does the person communicate well with many
              different types of people?                      For questions regarding power of attorney, contact Jon
                                                              Holthe and he will be happy to visit with you.
           8. Will you be comfortable sharing the details of your
              financial situation with this person?                                  Safe Banking for Seniors – ABA Foundation. Accessed May 11, 2021.
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