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The Living Difference with

                                   UNIVERSAL HOMES

        60 YEARS  EXPERIENCE                      ‘The Living Difference’ is what we call our innovative process for delivering
        PROVEN REPUTATION                         modern, quality designer homes of outstanding value in some of the
                                                  most sought-after communities in the region. It takes years to establish a
                                                  reputation as solid and reliable as Universal Homes and we are proud of
        VIBRANT COMMUNITIES                       our history and commitment to continued quality, outstanding innovation,

        OUTSTANDING VALUE                         design excellence, value for money and future focussed building solutions.

                        For more Information, view the Living Difference Booklet


                                        The Buyers Guide

                                   UNIVERSAL HOMES

                  Welcome to Universal Homes and thank you for considering Universal in your home buying decision.

           All home builders have different processes when it comes to building a new home. This guide describes the Universal
                                        process to help you understand the way forward.

                                Universal looks forward to working with you on this exciting journey.

                       For more Information, view the The Buyers Guide Booklet


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