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 types of careers
PC ick Your Path
ybersecurity is an industry, not criminals and advocates looking out for embrace many different jobs. NICE also a job. Eager to test your coding the right to privacy in the digital age. manages CyberSeek, an interactive and skills as a “white hat” hacker? Above all, cybersecurity professionals expanding website that details jobs and
Curious about how data banks are orga- nized and protected? Concerned about who holds our personal information?
Cybersecurity professionals are detectives, figuring out how break-ins occurred and “who done it.” They are doctors, curing IT systems attacked
by malicious viruses. They may be librarians, organizing information so that it is accessible. Cybersecurity professionals are prosecutors of cyber-
are team players, because the many workplaces that rely on IT systems need expertise in all of these functions—and more. The possibilities are awesome!
The National Initiative for Cybersecu- rity Education (NICE) was created in 2010. NICE oversees the Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, an online re- source that maps seven fundamental functions and capabilities any cyberse- curity system needs. These functions
what they require in education, training, and certification.
Check out the Cybersecurity Workforce Framework detailed on the next pages and go to Because some functions overlap, if you start in one job area you generally can add some training to shift to another. In cybersecurity, being multi-talented is a plus! Use this Career Guide to learn more and pick your path to skills training and education.

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