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online safety
  Be Safe— and Be Good
Make smart online—and IRL—decisions.
ness, and carelessness that underlie most mistakes people make with online data networks. As you think about both your private life on the internet as well as future career options, reckoning with the role of human factors in online safety is key.
Build strong passwords. The fragility of trust online explains why we have elaborate systems of passwords, en- cryption, and other security measures to keep data visible and available only to those authorized for access. Navigat- ing this trust-deficient internet world means, at a minimum, developing and managing a system for using strong passwords.
Cybersecurity, it turns out, has
as much, if not more, to do with human behaviors and choices as with technical defenses and safety sys- tems. About 95 percent of all data leaks
originate with bad choices people make to click on emails or download attach- ments they should instead be deleting. The best security systems in the world cannot eliminate the haste, inattentive-

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