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education: Certifications
    Jump-Start Your Career
Get a certification for a leg up on your way to a career in cybersecurity.
While having a few high school computer science classes un- der your belt is a great start to a career in cybersecurity, a certification is key to getting your foot in the door. Some- times called Network Security or Informa- tion Assurance, certifications are skills- focused credentials that can help your resume stand out, especially if you plan
to work while continuing your education. The good news is that you can earn them through classes or online at your own pace.
Entry-level certifications are generally inexpensive and don’t require previous work experience. For starters, CompTIA’s Security + certificate, which doesn’t de- mand a lot of hours, covers best practices
 The Georgia Cyber Center at Augusta University, in Augusta, GA
 Anne Arundel Community College, in Arnold, MD
  Whatcom Community College, in Bellingham, WA

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