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test your abilities
Is Cyber for You?
Test your problem-solving and deductive reasoning skills!
Do you need technical skills to succeed in cybersecurity? Sure, though more in some jobs than others. And leaders in the field say these skills are readily taught on the job.
The secret sauce in cybersecurity success actually consists of many different flavors. Imagination and creativity, finding patterns and making connections, and working with different kinds of people are great starting points. People with strengths in these areas excel in the deductive reasoning, critical
and flexible thinking, and complex problem- solving skills that go into cybersecurity work.
We’ve gathered some activities here that draw on many of the basic cognitive skills that can lead to success in cybersecurity. Look for patterns, use your imagination, and don’t take what you see at face value. Sometimes the answers are “hidden” in plain sight. Once you get the hang of it all, you could be on your way to cybersecurity success.
Find lots more activities like these in the Student Workbook that accompanies this career guide (for sale on our website at It offers more than 20 hours of cybersecurity- related activities to help you explore the field even more widely.
You can also try out a free, interactive game called CyberStart ( No previous cybersecurity experience is required—just an observant eye, persis- tence, and some problem-solving skills. And don’t worry, there are clues to help you along the way. Have fun!
Numbers, Numbers, Numbers
1. What is the number missing from the last row?
74, 11, 56
81, 9, 45
97, 16, 88 32, ________ , 14
2. What is the next number in this sequence? 47, 28, 16, _____________
3. Identify the next two numbers in the sequence below:
202, 122, 232, 425, 262, 728, ___________________ , ______________________
Words, Words, Words
4. For each set of words below, what single word can be added to form a compound word or common phrase to all three?
Powder, stool, ball Motion, poke, down Blue, cake, cottage
________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________
5. The two double blanks in each word below can be filled in with the same pair of letters. Can you figure out what they are?
H _ _ dw _ _ e
_ _ rses _ _ e
D _ _ tingu _ _ h _ _ od _ _ rk
P _ _ dl _ _
________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________

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